Counterfeit $100 bills show up in Rifle |

Counterfeit $100 bills show up in Rifle

John Gardner
Rifle correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

RIFLE ” Ted Devlin thought that it was his lucky day on July 19 when, while out walking his bassett hound, Bella, he came across a wadded up $100 bill lying in the grass.

“I didn’t think much about it at the time,” he admitted. “It was wet with morning dew and wadded up like it had just fell out of someone’s pocket when they took their hand out.”

But the police are interested in talking to whose ever hand dropped the money because the money turned out to be counterfeit.

“I took it home and rolled it out on the table and the ink ran,” Devlin said. “I’d never seen money do that before.”

Devlin, owner and artist of the Colorado Country Ceramics store on East Third Street in Rifle, knows that colors may run on a ceramic pot, but not on a $100 bill. Upon his discovery, he took the bill to Alpine Bank in Rifle where it was deemed to be fake.

“It looked so real,” he said. “If it wasn’t smeared, I would have accepted it in my business.”

The next day, he found two more $100 about 12 feet from where he found the first a day earlier, in the 200 block of East Third Street. That’s when he called the Rifle Police Department and an officer came and took the bills from Devlin.

“All three had different serial numbers,” Devlin said. “They were all very good quality and the bills themselves were extremely well crafted.”

Devlin said that the Rifle Police Department is investigating and has contacted the United States Treasury Department to assist in the investigation, but no word from the police had been sent to the local weekly newspaper as of July 24.

Devlin said that he’s checked his shop and didn’t find any fake bills, but worries that other stores may have accepted some counterfeit bills unknowingly.