Councilman supports hydro |

Councilman supports hydro

Dear Editor:

I have looked at and made decisions on the hydro issue for several years now. Here is where I am at.

• Environmental impacts: The city has agreed to the most stringent and cutting-edge monitoring system of Castle Creek in the U.S., possibly the world. I am confident the stream and surrounding ecosystem will be protected.

• Financial: This project has had cost overruns, and this sucks! However, the reality is that the incremental expense of completing this project will yield a respectable return on investment and supply clean energy locally.

• What we get: The Aspen community will continue what we started 100-plus years ago: providing clean, renewable energy with our local resources. We can continue in our leadership role creating a sustainable community.

• Protecting our water rights, this doesn’t add up? Why is so much anonymous money pouring into our community to defeat this issue while flagrantly ignoring our local campaign laws? I can’t help but question the intent. I worry that if we give up our water rights, we could see Castle Creek diverted entirely.

I will be voting “yes” on 2C on Tuesday. Please join me in furthering our Aspen tradition of independence.

Derek Johnson


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