Council OK’s more zoning uses for Obermeyer Place |

Council OK’s more zoning uses for Obermeyer Place

Aspen City Council passed an ordinance that would permit a much wider range of uses to Obermeyer Place than allowed by its current zoning.

Obermeyer Place is located at 601 Rio Grande Place and contains a mix of residential, commercial, service and industrial uses as well as a fitness club.

Due to its current Service Commercial Industrial zone district requirements, Obermeyer Place unit owners have struggled to find tenants with businesses that fit the list of specific uses allowed by the zone district.

In a meeting Monday night, council passed eight of the 10 proposed uses, which included service uses, a design studio, a neighborhood cafe, a nonprofit organization, a recreation club, child care center, health and medical services, a broadcast facility and technology services.

In a 3-2 vote, the council eliminated the proposed “pharmacy” use from the ordinance as well as the “financial services to the general public including banking” component to the proposed “service-use category.” The council felt that having banks did not meet the intentions of Service Commercial Industrial.

Council members also feared that these uses may drive rent prices up, which could potentially displace the building’s current tenants.

Mayor Steve Skadron and Councilman Bert Myrin were the dissenting voters. They also hoped to eliminate the design-studio category.

Financial services and banking aside, the “service uses” category includes services such as dry cleaning, laundromat, tailoring, mortuary, post office branch, shipping and receiving services, personal or sporting equipment storage lockers, barber and beauty shop, tattoo parlor, pharmacy, medical marijuana establishment, instructional or performing-arts studio with no public performances, health and fitness facility and a spa and similar activities, according to memo to the council from city Planner Technician Sara Nadolny.

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