Council forum? |

Council forum?

Dear Editor:

People look to council to lead their community.

To date, council has yet to display the skills, maturity or level of professionalism that we as a community expect of our leaders.

The acrimony, name-calling and the recent inability of a council member to apologize to a citizen because his feelings were hurt is impeding the ability of our community to move forward.

You ran for office. You were elected to lead and serve. Instead, your decisions and actions have precipitated the problems and acrimony that are paralyzing our community.

I encourage the newspapers to make a space available on their websites for citizens of Aspen to acknowledge their displeasure with our leadership and demand that they act as the elected representatives of our community; not as self-appointed, dictatorial prima donnas with admitted disregard for community-developed guidelines and our citizenry.

I am not advocating recall. It is a waste of time and valuable resources. I am asking people to voice their opinion so that council may hear from its constituents and act in a manner befitting our world-class community.

Up to now, you are an embarrassment.

Andy Modell

Brush Creek Village