Council carrying out citizen mandate |

Council carrying out citizen mandate

Dear Editor:

I think we can all remember a few years ago when we arrived breathlessly at the Jerome ballroom to participate in the city’s quest for information on the citizens’ view of Aspen’s future. We watched slides, pushed electronic buttons, answered questions and about $100,000 later we had the answer. An overwhelming majority wanted to preserve Aspen’s historic scale, feel and look.

I believe most citizens understood that our survival as a community and tourist destination depended on this approach. That same summer, the shirts did an independent survey at Food and Wine, and came up with the same answers: “Leave Aspen alone.” Now we have a mature City Council that is finally doing just that, and the greedheads are coming out of the woodwork. Transparency, calling for lawsuits, Burlingame ” anything to try to invalidate our present council and get set up to move pro-developer candidates into office next year.

Burlingame may be a mess, but Mick wasn’t mayor when the thing happened. And the biggest thing I can fault the city for is keeping community development personnel and planners on the payroll who believe that development comes first (job security) and community second. Of course something is screwed up. Bureaucrats with too much money and too little oversight. Council has to bite the bullet and clean it up, but let’s not turn this into something it’s not.

Les Holst


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