Couldn’t have said it better |

Couldn’t have said it better

Dear Editor:I am writing in regards to Jason Upper’s article (Aspen Times, Dec. 15) initiating a call to arms regarding the changing scene in the Aspen area.I found it very impressive that a resident of only four or so years could so effectively describe the situation that is plaguing our paradise. I have been so incredibly fortunate to be one of a minuscule percentage of privileged youth to have experienced the past 23 years in this amazing little town and can honestly claim the title of local. Save for three months here and there for college, I have been a part of this community since I was brought home from Aspen Valley Hospital in 1982, and have always viewed this place simply as cloud nine.Yet, I have noticed many changes occurring over the past few years that are beginning to push this dreamland farther away from what it is and what it truly can be. I have been trying to pinpoint what these negative changes are for some time and would like to thank Jason Upper for finally disclosing publicly the source of most of my current anxiety.I couldn’t have said it better. Let’s save Aspen before it’s too late.Michael StegeAspen

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