Costly inaccuracies |

Costly inaccuracies

One measure of the quality of journalism certainly has to be the accuracy of reporting under deadline. Regarding the recent tragedy near the Lindley Hut, your competitor, the Aspen Daily News, has had the facts wrong from the outset.

On Friday, March 15, they said that the man who died and his family were skiing “in the Ashcroft Ski Touring area.” A “clarification” to this inaccuracy was printed on Saturday; however yesterday’s headline calls the deceased an “Ashcroft skier.”

Also, in the body of the article, they say that the avalanche was “300 yards deep.” Needless to say, at 900 feet this would be the largest avalanche since the lce Age.

All of this inaccurate reporting has caused many customers to call the area, inquiring as to avalanche danger and may well have caused potential customers to avoid Ashcroft. This is an example of how inaccurate reporting can perpetuate a misconception and ultimately affect hard-working local employees.

All of us at Ashcroft Ski Touring and the Pine Creek Cookhouse want to thank The Aspen Times for your accurate and articulate coverage.

John Wilcox

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