Corrupt, devious, greedy |

Corrupt, devious, greedy

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

It seems that everything that the Bush administration does exacts a price from the public. The deal with the Saudis to raise the price of oil, and consequently the price at the pumps, in order to be able to lower the price of gasoline just before the election, is an outrage. Unfortunately, 50 percent of the public (the sheeple) would blame this on the Arabs and disavow any connection with Bush. How many other sweetheart deals resulting in money out of our pockets has our president made?

The wholesale destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure, at our expense, of course – which only Halliburton, Bechtel, Fluor, Dynatech, etc., were supposedly qualified to rebuild – springs immediately to mind. We need to watch this administration very closely, as they make a habit of picking our pockets while looking us straight in the eye, telling us it’s for our own good, or for democracy, or the long-term economy.

Characterizing these people as corrupt, devious, greedy, self-serving, inhumane and immoral is an understatement.

Anne Robinson

Los Angeles