Correcting the record |

Correcting the record

Dear Editor:

It seems John Hembel has a problem with Rep. Jared Polis spending public money to gather public input on the Hidden Gems proposal. I would point out that he’s at odds with the rest of his motorized compatriots, who’ve been saying for months that Rep. Polis should do exactly what he’s doing.

Anyway, I must correct the blatant misstatements about my organization that Mr. Hembel made in his letter. The Wilderness Workshop does not have a two-year budget of $2.4 million; this year’s budget is $570,000, with our work on the Hidden Gems Campaign accounting for less than a quarter of that.

Neither the Wilderness Workshop nor the Hidden Gems Campaign had anything to do with producing Rep. Polis’s brochure, much less paid for its production.

Last but not least, Mr. Hembel’s innuendo that Rep. Polis may be indirectly funding the Wilderness Workshop is completely untrue as far as I know, and the only thing that prevents me from calling it libelous is that I can’t speak for Rep. Polis. My understanding is that he has put all his philanthropy into a blind trust since becoming a congressman.

It just amazes me how quick some people are nowadays to spread false information, without any sense of obligation to simply check their facts.

Again, I don’t think Mr. Hembel speaks for most Hidden Gems opponents.

Dave Reed

Wilderness Workshop