Corporations are the root of heath care problem |

Corporations are the root of heath care problem

Dear Editor:

Watching the heated debates over health care reform, I am shocked and appalled at the public’s willingness to allow our politicians to get away with devising another half-assed scheme to make Americans sicker and pharmaceutical companies richer, while having the American taxpayer foot the bill. All the babble about health care reform adds up to nothing but putting a very expensive Band-Aid on a very big wound that is becoming a festering sore.

The health care system of the United States is lagging behind many other countries in its ability to actually provide health. The major problem is not the cost, it is the “one-way” pharmaceutical or surgery system that is actually making Americans sicker and the manipulative and subversive tactics being used by the drug industry to take away the public’s right to alternative medicine that actually addresses illness at the root, rather than prescribes ongoing pharmaceuticals that only subdue symptoms.

Medicine in this country is not based on becoming healthy by addressing the root cause of the symptom (like every form of tribal and natural medicine is) because medicine in this country only addresses the symptoms. And the medical community has a pill or a surgery for every symptom. But what they do not have and should is a way to address where these symptoms are originating from in the first place.

The truth is that the great majority of Americans are still eating crap food that is causing diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and depression. If we as a people truly want to insure our health, we will stop giving our money to the very institutions and corporations that are making us sick and be responsible to learn the natural ways to keep us and our children healthy and drug-free. Now that is some of the best health care you can buy.

What true health care reform would look like is treating the issue before it becomes a problem with healthy, natural foods, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic care and an awareness of how the actual system functions. This is a highly cost effective form of health care called prevention.

But when you have an FDA that is banning truly healthy, natural products which allow people to take the responsibility for their own health into their own hands in a highly cost effective manner, then there is a problem at the root level of health care, and it has to be reformed beginning at this level. The price we as Americans will pay as a result of our health care reform not being addressed and reformed beginning at this level is far greater than anything President Obama is planning to spend; it will truly cost us our health and that of our children.

I recently found out that health care accounts for one-sixth of our economy. One-sixth. Now that wouldn’t be such a terrible thing if one-sixth of the economy was paying for people being healthy but it’s paying for people being sick. In a recent MSN article I read that the new health care reform bill is going to increase the profits of insurance companies by 428 percent, all at the expense of the people becoming sick. Now that’s truly sick.

Alecia Evans


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