Corporate machinations? |

Corporate machinations?

Dear Editor:With the windfall profits cast upon local small businesses due to the obvious numerical success of the Aspen Skiing Co.’s alliance with ESPN, aka Walt Disney Co. or Mickey Mouse, called the Winter X Games, what will the Skico do in the near future to top it?One learns from Beverly Hills that after one successful extravaganza, one must always do one better and sooner.Jim Crown, do you have any ideas? How will you outdo yourself with a new Skico project if you don’t get your way with Snowmass Village?It’s very interesting how this year Skico got the overflow for local businesses. Was it a conspiracy to indirectly influence the Snowmass Village vote by having so many high from the recent high business activity and economic anomaly? Hopefully Snowmass Village voters were not be taken in by Skico corporate machinations.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

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