Corporate bullies |

Corporate bullies

Dear Editor:

I’m frustrated beyond belief and want to know if there’s anyone else out there who’s had a similar experience with Source Gas (formerly Kinder Morgan).

I have gas heating for a small portion of my house in Starwood. Everything else is electric. In early May, we turn off the heat and don’t turn it on again until November. Two summers ago the gas company noticed in September that my gas meter had not registered any usage for the last four months and notified me that they were going to replace it because it must be defective! I informed them that there was no usage registering because we were not using any gas ” it’s summer, get it?

Source Gas replaced the meter anyway and then sent me a bill for their estimate of what I must have used during the summer months that the meter “wasn’t registering.” I called and spoke with a customer service rep in Buffalo, N.Y., who listened to my story and assured me he would research it and get back to me. I felt relieved. When I hadn’t heard back from him, and a new bill arrived with a service charge attached because of my “non payment,” I again called Source Gas. They had no record of my conversation with the rep in Buffalo, so they asked me to tell my story again. No problem, they will investigate it, said this new rep in Nova Scotia.

The next month’s bill comes, new service charges are added onto the old incorrect bills, and no response from Source Gas to my query. I called a third time, told my story and this time a rather hostile Source Gas rep in the Philippines told me that they had looked into the situation, and while they found my story very plausible, they can not adjust their past billing! This is where I have steam coming out of my ears. “I DON’T OWE YOU GUYS ANYTHING. Check your old records, this house never uses gas in the summer months. I don’t care if it’s $200 or 200 cents, I’m not going to pay for your mistake.”

Now, this problem has gone on for two summers. I paid the new monthly charges last winter (thousands of dollars) and, as always, this usage on the June bill is again zero, as it was for July, August and September.

Last week, I received a notice that my gas was going to be disconnected because of this ongoing balance! Source Gas is a corporate bully, and this has become a “cause” for me. I’ve had to explain this situation to numerous Source Gas representatives, and their final answer is:

A) They are glad to be of assistance sir/madam (read this with an annoying foreign accent in mind!)

B) Pay up in 14 days or we will turn off your gas, and there is a substantial fee to re-establish service

C) Is there anything else I can help you with today sir/madam? Thank you for calling Source Gas! Have a nice day!

I am about to explode! It’s “principle” that prevents me from sending these guys their precious loot! If anyone else out there is having trouble with Source Gas, e-mail me ( There’s power in numbers, and I’d like to teach this faceless corporate entity some manners!

Jeff Cloninger

Palm Beach and Aspen

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