Cops: Woman steals money, then attempts to pay it back |

Cops: Woman steals money, then attempts to pay it back

June Gordon

Police arrested a 49-year-old woman last weekend for stealing thousands of dollars from a car parked in Snowmass Village last month.

June Gordon was charged with felony trespassing and felony theft after attempting to pay the victim back the money she allegedly stole, according to a police report.

The victim, an employee of Taster’s in Snowmass Village, reported in December that someone stole $3,000 in cash, a credit card, gift cards and a “liberty dollar” coin from her car that was parked in front of the restaurant, the report states.

The woman suspected Gordon of the theft because she’d been parked next to her car. Snowmass Village police interviewed Gordon on Jan. 20, but she said she couldn’t remember what had happened back in December, according to the report.

Then on Feb. 1, Gordon approached the theft victim crying and handed her an envelope that contained $1,100.

Gordon handed her an Alpine Bank cash envelope and “said how sorry she was,” according to the police report. “(The victim) told me that she told Gordon that ‘I knew you did it.’”

Gordon also returned the liberty dollar coin, then later the same day, went back to the woman’s home and handed her another $1,000 in cash, the report states.

Gordon told the woman she was “on a downward spiral,” the report states.