Cop land at Strawberry Days in Glenwood |

Cop land at Strawberry Days in Glenwood

Dear Editor:

Well, it’s official. I’ve lived in Glenwood Springs since 1976 and probably attended all but six or so Strawberry Days in the park, but after my experience at the event this year I have decided that unless there are some big changes in the way the event is run, I will no longer be attending.

I’m writing this letter now because Carbondale Mountain Fair celebration was this past weekend and my husband and I had a perfectly wonderful time being there, as usual. We were able to come and go as we pleased without having my purse searched every time we returned and people happily wandered around (even with a beer in their hands!) without the feeling they were being watched or checked out by “the law.”

Unfortunately that was not my experience at Strawberry Days. My purse was searched three different times and by the third time I asked rather indignantly, “What are you looking for?” The answer was they were looking for “contraband” but could not give me any more specific information.

Apparently, those organizing Strawberry Days consider everyone attending the fair as guilty until proven innocent. I wonder how those people vacationing in Glenwood, the place just named the most fun city by Rand McNally, will feel when they are continually searched if they happen to find themselves at Strawberry Days. How much fun that will be for them!

Instead of encouraging my out-of-town friends and family to come to Glenwood’s Strawberry Days weekend and join in the fun, I now will be telling them not to come then but visit another time when they will feel more welcome. I will be happy to discuss with anyone interested the very negative results of this “police state mentality” at what is billed as a family-fun event.

Sheila Markowitz

Glenwood Springs

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