Cop blotter: New Year’s assault |

Cop blotter: New Year’s assault

Compiled from local police reports
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” A man allegedly got into a drunken fight that landed him in the hospital, and garnered him a misdemeanor charge for harassment.

Tyler Konney, 21, was allegedly in a fight at the St. Regis early on the morning of Jan. 1, 2008 and suffered broken teeth and broken cartilage in his nose, according to police.

Travis Karl, 34, of Phoenix and David Robinson, 34, of Scottsdale, Ariz., were both cited for second degree felony assault after they allegedly punched and kicked Konney into unconsciousness outside the Aspen hotel.

Konney was inside the St. Regis, allegedly using fighting words and shoving people, said Aspen police. Karl and Robinson allegedly tried to break up the fight inside the hotel but were asked to leave and stood outside for a few minutes until Konney was also kicked out, police said.

“[Konney] was escorted outside by security,” said officer Jeff Fain. “He immediately walked up to the gentlemen and pushed one of them. One arrestee felt threatened so he came up swinging. Our other arrestee popped him the other way. Once [Konney] hit the ground they continued to kick him until an employee broke it up.”

Konney left the St. Regis to go to the hospital, and employees of the St. Regis drove Karl and Robinson back to their rental unit in Snowmass Village. At no time during the fight that happened inside the St. Regis lobby and out front, did employees of the St. Regis call police.

“We just basically wanted to make sure [Karl and Robinson] were being dropped off,” said Senih Geray, general manager of Aspen’s St. Regis. “One of our security guards gave them a ride to their residence in Snowmass so we could turn over the right address for the police.”

Aspen officer Jeff Fain was called to Aspen Valley Hospital during the morning of Jan. 1 and talked with Konney. Fain then went back to the St. Regis, found the security guard, drove back to the place where the men had been dropped off and woke them up around 8 a.m.

Fain said the men felt they were acting in self defense but that alcohol was clearly a factor for all three men involved.

Karl and Robinson turned themselves in on Wednesday. They have not been advised on charges, and it is unclear if the district attorney will charge them with second-degree assault or a lesser crime.

Aspen police had their hands full on New Year’s Eve with John Able, 25, of Snowmass Village. Able was twice arrested for fighting, police said.

Soon after midnight, in the early morning of New Year’s Eve, John Able allegedly walked up to a guy on the Hyman Mall and said, “What’s up cowboy?”

After a few words had been exchanged, Able allegedly started swinging and Michael Beal, 24, began swinging back. Though friends broke up the fight, both Able and Beal were arrested by Aspen police. Both were charged with disorderly conduct.

After Able was released from jail, police said he went to the Belly Up and picked a fight with a guy on the dance floor who said he hadn’t ever seen Able before.

Police again arrested Able on disorderly conduct charges after bouncers broke up the fight and held Able until police arrived.

Aspen police also had their hands full over the holidays with Gary Beavers, 57, who was twice arrested in three days.

On Dec. 28, police arrested Beavers after a disturbance on South West End Street. Beavers was charged with resisting arrest, misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer and harassment.

Beavers was arrested again at 5 p.m. on New Year’s Eve when he allegedly violated his bail bond and violated a restraining order.

Officer Jeff Fain was on foot patrol in Aspen’s core when he overheard conversation about a fight at Club Chelsea.

When Fain arrived, the bouncer allegedly said that Daniel Grine, 22, was trying to get into the club but was too drunk to go in.

Grine allegedly became verbally abusive to the bouncer and later physical with him. Fain arrested Grine for disorderly conduct.

Aspen officers were driving patrol on Galena when they were approached by a woman pointing to a group of men standing in the street.

Officer Jim Crowley allegedly saw Robert Lipe, 20, yell at another man and slap the other man in the face. Crowley arrested Lipe for disorderly conduct.

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