Cop blotter: Another arrest after the Boot Man cometh |

Cop blotter: Another arrest after the Boot Man cometh

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN – The stable of Brit Queer detractors keeps getting bigger.

Queer, Aspen’s boot man, found himself again the object of a motorist’s chagrin, this time on the Fourth of July in the Clark’s Market parking lot.

There, part-time Aspen resident and Michigan businessman Linden David Nelson allegedly became “irate” with Queer after he placed a boot on Nelson’s illegally parked vehicle, police said. Nelson claimed he had only been parked for five minutes, and after he paid Queer to remove the boot, he “became angry when he saw Queer give half the cash to the property manager,” according to an arrest narrative filed by Aspen police officer Chance Williams.

When police showed up, Nelson allegedly try to leave the scene, but was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

The arrest came nearly a week after Queer had a similar encounter with another boot recipient at the Clark’s Market lot. The suspect, Dagoberto Munoz, 32, of El Jebel, was also allegedly upset Queer immobilized his vehicle, and was also cited for disorderly conduct.

In other police news:

• Scott Lumby, 25, of Aspen and Bruce Cisilini, 40, of New Mexico were arrested at the Caribou Club on July 4 after an alleged donnybrook. Both were charged with third-degree assault, while Lumby also was charged with disorderly conduct.

According to a police report prepared by officer Jeffrey Fain, Lumby said that “Cisilino had been ‘acting like a tough guy’ and the next thing Lumby knew he was on the floor and had been punched in the nose. Cisilino countered that Luby had been pushing his way through the crowd and had become confrontational with Cisilino, threatening him with a closed fist.”

Cisilino said he then punched Lumby. Lumby tried to hit back, but misfired and struck a woman, police said. He then threw a glass, hitting his intended target in the form of Cisilino, police said.

• Transient Arthur Joseph Myatt III, 45, was charged July 2 with disorderly conduct and violation of a protection order after he allegedly was found with an open bottle of beer and a bottle of vodka in the alley behind the Isis Theatre. He also was believed to have been threatening an Isis employee, police said.

Police officer Forrest Barnett, in a narrative of the episode, wrote that Barnett is prohibited from drinking alcohol in city limits, per a protection order filed by the city.

• A 19-year-old Basalt man and a passenger in his vehicle were lucky to escape decapitation in an accident involving alcohol, according to Basalt police officer Dino Gonzales.

Obed Herrera of Basalt was driving a Honda Accord on Willits Lane at a high rate of speed at 11:30 p.m. Sunday when he lost control on a corner near the intersection with Park Avenue, Gonzales said. Herrera was headed east and went off the road’s right side. The car clipped a “no parking sign” that crashed through the windshield. Fortunately the driver and his female passenger had their seats reclined so they weren’t seriously injured, Gonzales said. The female passenger was most prone to injury from the flying sign, he said.

The Accord hit rocks and vegetation, helping it avoid going over a bank and into the Roaring Fork River. Herrera was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, minor in possession and consumption of alcohol, and reckless driving, according to Gonzales.

• Aspen police cited six motorists last week on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. The alleged offenders were: Aaron Gabriel Hooper, 32, Snowmass, on July 2; Gregoria Mata, 54, Aurora, on July 3; Cecelia Orta-Lemon, 40, Glenwood Springs, on July 3; Roy Charles Hennings, 60, New Castle, on July 4; Tami Frances Word, 44, Snowmass, on July 4; and Adam J. Pearl, 29, Woody Creek, on July 5.

-Compiled by staff writers Rick Carroll and Scott Condon.

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