Coors and the bottom line |

Coors and the bottom line

Dear Editor:I don’t know how many of your readers caught the interview Sunday on “Meet the Press” featuring Pete Coors and Ken Salazar. It was rather illuminating. To me, the most telling comments concerned whether Pete Coors would approve of gays and lesbians adopting children and whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry or to have the right to civil unions. Pete Coors is adamantly opposed to both of these rights. Mr. Coors was then asked about his company’s sponsorship of a gay festival.According to the Oct. 5 Rocky Mountain News: “Pete Coors’ company will be among the sponsors of the Black & Blue 2004 Festival in Montreal, a week-long gay benefit that attracts up to 80,000 people to events such as the Leather Rail, Raunch Fetish Night and a male nude revue … Coors Light is one of two free beers that will be served at the official launch cocktail party.”Pete Coors said he does not see a conflict. To be fair, Pete Coors claims he is “on leave” from the company (wink, wink). When it comes to all men and women being equal, he is all for it, as long as you are not gay or lesbian. However, it is nice to know that when it comes to the bottom line for his company, Pete Coors knows no prejudice. Never let family values and shareholders’ stock values conflict with each other.Craig S. ChisesiRifle

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