Cooper St. Pier: Tough crowd, tolerant server |

Cooper St. Pier: Tough crowd, tolerant server

Our reporter and his large group put their Cooper Street Pier server to the test on a packed afternoon like this one, but she handled the pressure well. Aspen Times photo/Paul Conrad.

The last thing a waitress at the Cooper Street Pier needed while dealing with the typically busy St. Patrick’s Day lunch crowd was a bunch of geeks from the Aspen Fantasy Football League holding their end-of-season banquet.

Our waitress got justifiably irritated a time or two, but on the whole her service was good despite the strained smiles.Irritation No. 1 came when our group hogged a couple of tables on a day when empty seats were at a premium. She wanted to make sure the table and seats we commandeered were really going to get used. Fair enough.Irritation No. 2 came when members of our group kept dribbling in, forcing her to make several trips to the table to collect drink orders. Quite understandable.

When we finally amassed, she had to battle to capture the attention of customers who were too busy yakking about sports to order their food. (After all, delays at our table just meant another customer was waiting for service.) Our waitress finally lost her patience when the ninth and final person in our group wouldn’t quit talking. She waited for a moment or two, but he was too engulfed in conversation with a passerby about the Wisconsin Badgers’ prospects in the NCAA basketball tournament, or some such thing.So, she turned in our order without him. The blabber laughed it off when he figured it out, and went to find her rather than making her come back to him.Our waitress held no grudge. The guy that ordered last was the first to get his food.

She also made sure our glasses didn’t linger dry, despite having several other tables to watch.Our Cooper Street Pier waitress might not have always liked waiting on us that particular day, but she did it well.Scott Condon’s e-mail address is

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