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Contact friends and foes

With many thanks to the ladies at the Basalt and Carbondale libraries, I have obtained several important names and addresses of leaders of countries involved in our humanitarian effort to free Iraq.

There are over 40 such countries in partnership in this coalition to make the world a safer place, removing permanently this evil man, a sponsor of terror both within and without Iraq. The campaign has been an amazing success, not a disaster as so many wished to the detriment of this administration.

I here provide just a few of our friends’ contact info, as there are so many more, perhaps someone else has others. Wanted also to include a couple of our ex-allies just to be balanced and fair! Am also interested in the addresses of our fair weather neighbors, Mexico and Canada.

P.M. Tony Blair

10 Downing St

SWIA 2AA London, United Kingdom

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Excmo Sr Jose Maria Aznar

Presidente Del Gobierno

Complejo de la Mondoa

Ed. Semillas 28071 Madrid, Spain

P.M. John Howard

Parliament House Suite MG8

2600 Canberra, Australia Cap. Tern Australia

Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder

Adenauealle 141

PA Briefpost, PL2 53106

53113 Bonn, Germany

M Jacques Chirac

Pres de la Republique

Palais de L’Elysee

55 et 57 rue du Faubourg St-Flonore

75008 Paris, France

Oh, if anyone wishes to communicate with Saddam, whether in his bunker-cave, or in his birthplace, Hell, you need only contact his dear friend, Baghdad Sue (Gray) at the Carbondale Iraqi Propaganda Office a.k.a. Stepstone Center. Flags and other souvenirs are probably to be gotten cheap by now. That is Iraqi flags, American flags are not available through this org.

Thank you.

Francine Singleton