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Construction update

Dear Editor:With the Lodge at Aspen Mountain in all probability about to receive its justly deserved approval by the “new” City Council, the developers of Lift One Lodge want to further “improve” South Aspen Street. They propose putting another huge hotel-like edifice, with somewhere close to 100 potential rooms, on the east side of Aspen Street.So Aspen Street will be in what amounts to a gorge between two large hotels, running from Dean Street to Aspen Mountain. Some improvement!And, Dean Street? Well, it becomes ‘Hotel Row’ with wall-to-wall hotels/timeshares stretching from The Lodge at Aspen Mountain all the way to the Sky Hotel.Oh yes: In a little side arrangement its proposed that the 1A loading terminal moves further up – that’s right, UP! – the mountain making access to Lift 1A less, not more, convenient. At the same time, the present convenience of on-street parking on Aspen Street vanishes.Sounds like a lousy deal for everyone but – you guessed it – the developers and the Aspen Skiing Co.!Alex BielAspen

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