Construction is for the contractors |

Construction is for the contractors

Dear Editor:I read in your paper today (Thursday, Oct. 6) that at least one school district voter may be concerned that the new school board, which will take office in November, will be too “green” to manage the construction of a new middle school. Specifically, your paper stated that this individual “has questioned whether it is a good idea for such untried elected officials to take on such a complicated task as building a new school.”As one of those departing school board members referenced in the article, I just want to make it clear that the school board would not build the new school. The role of the school board is to govern through policy. It leaves education up to the staff, administration up to the administrators, and construction up to the contractors. It has neither the time nor expertise to be involved in the construction of a school, which simply means that the level of experience of the new school board members is pretty much irrelevant to the success of any school construction project.The district has engaged several very experienced and competent professionals to address the design, budget and construction process for the proposed improvements and, if the bond is approved, that team will provide the expertise necessary to accomplish the task. As was the case with the high school, the school board will be kept apprised of the construction progress and the budget, but it will not be involved in any day-to-day decision-making during the construction process. It simply is not a board function, so I see no problem whatsoever with the lack of school board experience as it pertains to the proposal to build a new middle school, as proposed.I hope everyone will take the time to become familiar with the need for the proposed improvements and will vote yes on both questions 3A and 3B.Fred PeirceAspen

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