Construction in Aspen allowed during holiday week |

Construction in Aspen allowed during holiday week

ASPEN – Acknowledging tough economic times and less demand for construc­tion workers, the Aspen City Coun­cil agreed Tuesday to allow them to work during the holiday week.

For at least the past three years, the city of Aspen has prohibited any construction from occurring in town from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day.

The restriction is part of the city’s construction management plan, which was adopted by a previous council in response to once-ram­pant construction throughout town. Contractors and subcontractors have complained in the past that the restriction causes economic distress to them and their families during a time of the year when they need money more than ever.

City Engineer Tricia Aragon pro­posed to the council that construc­tion activity be allowed during the holiday week outside of what’s been called the “central resort area.”

“The geographic boundaries mir­ror the expanded pay-to-park area,” wrote Aaron Reed, the city’s con­struction mitigation officer, in a memo to the council. “T

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