Construction catastrophes |

Construction catastrophes

Dear Editor:To be a genuine environmentalist, one must be a fanatic. However, it seems that thinking of only the “bottom line” is even more fanatic. I’ve chosen to be the first because it is constructive and more conducive to sustaining a balanced life and not destroy the natural beauty around us.I would love to know the point of the “noise ordinance enforced” sign as you drive into Aspen and the “no idling” signs at City Market. I live across the river from the Jenny Adair Wetlands project, and I can tell you that is a project from HELL. If they ever do finish that, and we luck out and have clean storm- and runoff water, it’ll never make up for the noise and air pollution it has already created. On top of that, it’s very obvious the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. One day there are big boulders arranged in the landscaping, and the next week they are moved aside to dig the forgotten trench.Also, many of the trees that have been planted below the Red Brick on the same project are growing sideways. Weeks ago I called someone at parks to tell them, but they remain unstaked and horizontal. Heaven knows, there are plenty of city agencies, so who’s accountable here? And who is getting rich off of this insane chaotic project?So I say to the folks that live up Independence Pass: Fight Ed Bass with all your heart, mind and soul when it comes to dredging the river up there. CDOT will never be able to put the mess he’s already made up there back as it was. Go down the Rio Grande Trail and see the erosion caused from the rains we’ve been having because they disturbed the root system there.ACES cannot be fanatic because they are a nonprofit and need and get donations, etc. from Ed Bass and other bottom-line fanatics. As a friend just told me, “Aspen is not a community anymore; it’s a commodity.” For this our taxes skyrocket? I do have hope that with our new mayor and council that Aspen will once again become at least half the community it was before so many “bottom-line” feeders arrived.Oh, and what would we do without OSHA’s backup beepers [on vehicles] to keep us safe? Maybe the council can try to get those modified so only the person that needs to hear it is the only one that does. Working on that would be in line with the noise ordinance law you’ve established. This has been Aspen’s noisiest and smelliest year ever! Let’s help make Gore’s speech worth his time. Thanks!Roine St. AndreAspen