Consistent devotion |

Consistent devotion

Dear Editor:For the 35 years I knew Hunter Thompson, including 15 as the on-and-off resident caretaker of Owl Farm, I do not believe anyone was more consistently devoted to him than his longtime aide and confidant, Deborah Fuller. Period. As his son and other friends have already attested, I agree that Hunter would have wanted Deborah to be taken care of and know that he made her many promises to that effect. A hundred grand? C’mon. For what she endured she deserves a lot more.Hunter, in effect, tithed enormous percentages of his income over the years to lawyers. No one should know that better than Hal Haddon, who, for what Hunter paid him alone could cut a check out of his own pocket for Deborah and never notice the difference. He needs to overcome his natural lawyerly instincts in this case and do the right thing. As for Anita’s overstated opinions, it’s too bad. I think she’d like Deborah if she ever got to know her.Jay CowanOld Snowmass

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