Consider your options and vote |

Consider your options and vote

Dear Editor:

It’s great to see all the coverage and attention that has come with the Holy Cross director election. Members should be interested and involved and not only during elections.

Your vote counts! The last election was decided by a mere 30 votes. Please consider your options and please be sure to vote carefully to meet all voting requirements: ballot sleeve, mailer envelope with member name printed and signed, plus a stamp. If you need a replacement ballot or envelope, please call Holy Cross at 945-5491, as there is still time to receive a new one and mail your vote to arrive by Friday.

I encourage you to study the Holy Cross newsletter to review all candidate profiles, or find them online at Candidate questionnaire replies are posted at My positions and specific ideas are also posted at

While the public dialogue has gravitated toward the topic of green power, I believe that this is an area where Holy Cross is doing well and is actively pursuing reasonable opportunities, particularly with local renewable generation. These efforts should continue and expand as financially sensible opportunities become available. My priorities include expanding and improving energy efficiency programs using best practices from successful utilities around the country, increasing member services and options, and more member communication. These have always been my platform, and these are areas where we can build on Holy Cross Energy’s outstanding foundation of service reliability and low energy costs.

Whatever the outcome of this election, I want to thank you for your interest and for taking the time to make an informed vote. Our co-op is stronger for your involvement.

Dave Munk