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Consider the source

Dear Editor:

Etna Tauscher has written a few letter regarding the Armstrong-Hamilton encounter last weekend. “How very ‘Aspen’ that the truthful man – Mr. Hamilton – would be accosted by the arrogant, deceitful one.”

I really do not follow professional cycling so I am not taking any sides here, but I must ask Etna this question: Do you consider Mr. Hamilton “truthful” for doping in his professional sport, or “truthful” because he finally came clean – pun intended – before a grand jury in 2011?

There really is nothing truthful about cheating, whether you get caught or not! I think your choice of adjectives should be reassessed. Rather then using “truthful,” maybe go with “admitted cheater.”

Mr. Hamilton won the Olympics time trials in 2004; he was tested for doping and failed. The back-up sample of his test was frozen and un-testable so no doping offense could be proven. A truthful person would come clean (puny) at that point. Later on in 2004 Mr. Hamilton failed another test at the Vuelta a Espana, and was suspended for two years. After the suspension, he came back to be national road race champion in 2008.

In 2009 Mr. Hamilton was again tested and failed, which resulted in an 8-year ban from the sport and effectively caused him to retire. In July 2010 he was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs. Not until May of 2011 did Mr. Hamilton admit to using banned substances in competitions. So yes, I guess you could call that admittance “truthful,” 7 years and many failed test later!

In my opinion Etna, the above dose not describe a “hero” of any sort! Mr. Armstrong will have his day before a grand jury too, and time will tell more truths. Until then I suggest that when surrounded by naysayers, trust nothing they say!

As for Lance and Tyler’s encounter at the local restaurant, both men should have known better and had no discussion – mild or heated – with a pending grand jury investigation ongoing. And even a downvalley douche baggett like myself always leaves a 20 percent tip when affording the luxury of dining out in Asspen!

John Norman


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