Consider banning pit bulls |

Consider banning pit bulls

Dear Editor:Upon reading of the recent pit bull attack (Dogfight downvalley sets stage for fight in court,” Aug. 16), it seems just to point out some impersonal concerns related to these dogs.Understandably, most pit bull owners love their pets; to the owner the pit bull is as ruthless as a basset hound. But, once provoked, pit bulls have proven their instincts impossibly unpredictable (though docile would still be a laughable adjective). While exceptions likely abound, the indiscriminate nature of pit bulls’ violence renders the whole breed a liability.My libertarian instincts aside, I believe communities unite as such via a moral code that promotes the good of the whole over the whim and penchant of the individual. I would urge policy – at an HOA or county ordinance level – to ban ownership of pit bulls. Given the climate of fear and stress on the doorsteps of many in the world, let’s confront and abolish the small acts of violence in our neighborhoods. The attack of a vicious dog is a terror over which we do have control.Piper FosterAspen


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