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Conservation first

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Greg Schnacke’s guest column on Jan. 8 (“A recipe for foreign oil dependence”).

Mr. Schnacke is president and CEO of an organization called “Americans for American Energy” located in Golden, which calls itself “a nonprofit coalition of residents dedicated to reducing U.S. independence on foreign energy.” Perhaps a more realistic designation would be “a coalition of oil and gas producers dedicated to drilling any part of the American landscape in order to enjoy the greatest possible profit for themselves and the organizations they represent.”

Realistically, we who make the Rocky Mountains our home realize that a reasonable extraction of our natural resources is, at this time in history, both reasonable and imperative. Where the extractive industry makes its mistake is its arrogant and callous approach in this effort. There are places in the West as well as in the rest of the country that deserve special consideration in light of their varied and unique qualities. These places should be preserved for the general benefit of future generations. The Roan Plateau and Thompson Creek in Colorado are examples, as is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. If organizations such as “Americans for American Energy” would make such acknowledgments and cooperate with local citizens and political bodies to limit their drilling to generally acceptable areas it would do wonders to help improve their image.

If Mr. Schnacke’s group would, rather than spend the dollars they do in promoting gas and oil drilling in our country, spend an equal amount promoting energy conservation and developing alternative sources of energy, they would be doing the country a far greater service.

Everett Peirce


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