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Consensus builders?

I realize that candidates will say nice things about themselves. But Andrew Kole and Tony Hershey claim to have a second persona, all ready and waiting like a birthday present for us, if we would only elect them. Consensus builders. Listeners. (Not visionaries – that they do not claim.)

Excuse me? The same Andrew Kole who admits he hasn’t a clue what Aspen was like five years ago? Watch his TV show. He interrupts, spews red herrings, overreacts and misses the point, avoiding real discussion on much of any subject for fear of having to actually say something intelligent about it.

His guests are props; they might as well be cardboard cutouts. And he wants to be your mayor? Oh. But the TV Andrew is just a persona. We get to see the real, squishy Andrew after the election. Right?

Don’t get me started on Tony who cares about Aspen, just not the Aspenites who disagree with him. Those he’ll relentlessly vilify, turn his back to and belittle in public meetings. And believe me, he wants to be your mayor, too.

You know, after a few more lifetimes learning what heart, tolerance and compassion mean, he might be a good one.

Dan Sadowsky

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