Connections to Kubrick

Dear Editor:In the early 1960s, I wrote a profile of Stanley Kubrick for The New Yorker. This involved going to London every month or so to witness the filming of “2001.” There was a kid running around the sets fetching things and soaking up the art of the master. His name was Anthony Frewin. I had forgotten all about him until a couple of years ago when he contacted me for permission to use some of my stuff in a Kubrick book he was editing. Later he put together a CD of my interviews with Kubrick, which are part of a Kubrick album. Now the scene shifts to the Comedy Festival. I saw that they were showing a film called “Color Me Kubrick,” which I thought was probably a documentary. Boy was I wrong.”Color Me Kubrick” is a brilliant and haunting film about a con-man named Alan Conway who went around London claiming he was Kubrick and, remarkably, got away with this for a long time although be bore no physical resemblance to Kubrick. In the film he is played by John Malkovich in a virtuoso performance that reminded me of Olivier in “The Entertainer.” I was so taken by the film that I stayed through the credits at the end. It was written by, guess who, Anthony Frewin.Jeremy BernsteinAspen


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