Congress, do your duty |

Congress, do your duty

Dear Editor:

I am a supporter of President Obama, and I think he is intelligent, thoughtful and has the well-being of all citizens in mind in creating a health system for everyone. For that I applaud him.

But, I think the bill didn’t put in enough regulation that truly protects American citizens from the unscrupulous and predatory practices of insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, and I think it goes too far when it forces everyone to buy insurance. What we spend our money on should never be mandated by our government, and I think this law will be struck down by the Supreme Court.

That said, I think our Congress does have the responsibility and the duty to pass legislation that protects us against the abusive actions of corporations that violate our right to fair treatment, financially and medically.

We do need legislation that protects us from predatory practices, and that means not allowing large corporations to take advantage of, manipulate and harm citizens because corporations are not being held accountable by our Congress.

We have a right to expect that our Congress act on the behalf of all citizens, and not just the ones who have a lot of money and who give them a lot of money so they can pay for TV ads in the next election, in their continued competition for power and control over the rest of us.

Our Congress is and has been in violation of their constitutionally mandated responsibility to represent us, the people of this country, and they have been violating that oath and taking bribes from the rich and the corporations of the rich, and that is the real change we need in this country.

We need to end the collusion between our Congress and the corporations, so I call on our Congress, each and every one of you, to actually do your duty, stop taking bribes from the lobbyists who work for the corporations and actually represent the Constitution as you promised to do, by actually protecting our inalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as is promised and mandated by our Constitution.

Then, of course, let’s stop murdering people in other countries, stop spending a trillion dollars a year on war, and use the money to make our country strong, so we can all prosper.

Donald Theiss


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