Congratulations to the Glenwood Demons |

Congratulations to the Glenwood Demons

Dear Editor:

Late last Saturday night the Aspen Junior Hockey high school players were in a bus traveling from Bellinzona to Davos, Switzerland, after completing their fourth game playing hockey teams in Germany and Switzerland. Earlier that night, the bus had been broken down for two hours on the way up to the San Bernardino tunnel. It was cold and the rain was turning to snow. The boys were tired and sleepy. One of the adults the trip received a message on his Blackberry about the Glenwood football team winning the state championship.

I got up and went toward the back of the bus to make the announcement to the boys. When they heard the news, the bus erupted with cheers and excitement. The energy, enthusiasm and high-fives going around the bus was something special. The boys knew how much work, effort, and commitment the Glenwood players has put in to go all the way, and to see their neighboring schoolmates succeed made them feel closer not only as a team but also to all the other teams in our valley.

It’s important for all of us to recognize how a great season for our kids capped with a state championship makes us all in the Roaring Fork Valley proud. Our community is much bigger that we think. And, seeing the Aspen kids so happy for the Glenwood kids underscores what a wonderful community we really have.

Thank you, Demons!

Rick Newton

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