Congrats to Hudson Reed Ensemble |

Congrats to Hudson Reed Ensemble

Dear Editor:

The Hudson Reed Theatre Ensemble is to be truly congratulated for giving the Aspen Community such a wonderful theater production of “Taming of the Shrew.” Each year the productions grow: they become more comical, with better costumes, scenes, actors, staging and are better attended. Kudos to them all for the hard work.

It is especially a treat to see one’s friends and community members acting in roles most unlikely. Thanks to Travis Fulton, Tripp Watts, Charisse Layne, and of course, Lee Sullivan, who was at his best. A special thanks to Brad Moore for his excellent sound and music.

Our community is such an appreciative one. They recognized the time and effort the actors and producers expend to put on such plays. A round of thanks to Kent Reed, Barbara Shaw, and Rickie Newman who utilize our beautiful outdoor setting for these annual productions: Aspen’s own “Greek Amphitheatre” overlooking the Rio Grande Park with Red Mountain as its back drop. No place could be more suitable for a Shakespeare play. The appreciative audience therefore gave the group a last, well deserved, standing ovation for the season.

To the Hudson Reed Theatre Ensemble, you are all to be commended for giving back to the community with these free events.

Junee Kirk


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