Confused by KAJX |

Confused by KAJX

Some individuals of “an age” (who were too chicken to slap their names on this letter) and I are in disarray.

John Noonan’s morning news on KJAX has fallen off the map. Now, I personally am quite mad for the timing system that NPR prefers; 19 minutes after, 29 minutes after, 11 minutes before whatever hour is on the horizon. It gets your attention.

However, without any warning a switcheroo occurred, and as a result of not having a New York Clue about the weather, local mayhem, uppity social events we won’t attend, or whizbang cultural ones we will, we are in the weeds.

For the last three days I have arrived late for work, hair on end, blouse buttoned backwards, and one morning with mukluks under my arm from confusing the “Artic Expedition” feature with the weather update.

At my age this is the sort of thing that gets you locked up away from the amenities of life in a room with a perfect stranger, chenille bedspreads and linoleum floors that are just plain ugly, ugly, ugly.

All of us, even those slackers who will remain anonymous, do understand the pressures of the economic times. We sympathize with the need for KJAX to slide Brent G’s stuff in between Mr. Castle’s poignant remarks on SARS, or slip in John’s alert that a Noah’s Ark deluge is en route smartly after Sylvia Pojoli’s Polish profile.

However, when I’m scrambling around in the early morning hours, short on good synapse connections because I haven’t heard the appropriate melodic local tones that engender a leap out of bed, it’s possible, without a proper dose of caffeine to sort out the important aspects of life, I may screech across town, imperiling paying guests in the crosswalks, to ungraciously accost the first warm body I see at the station.

I prefer not to end up as a tacky tabloid tidbit on the front page of the paper and/or relieved of my present employment responsibilities because I’ve lost it, lost it, lost it.

In short, give us the skinny on scheduling.

Jane Stapleton


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