Confessions of an imported eyesore |

Confessions of an imported eyesore

Dear Editor:

Regarding Dan Kitchen’s letter on Aspen imports (Jan. 3, The Aspen Times), I was an Aspen eyesore myself for many years and had a fairly high-profile, although low-paying, job for 10 years. I was never chastised and had a lot of fun with both the tourists and locals during that time.

The only trouble I really got into was with the ski patrol, apparently – they did not like the fact that I was opening up double diamond runs and going off 380-foot cliffs; the cliff thing was an accident. Never had a problem with law enforcement. Looking forward to moving upvalley as soon as some of my ideas go through. Aspen was where I came to get over a troubled past and did so. Love the town.

Gregory Johnson

Glenwood Springs

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