Confederacy of dunces |

Confederacy of dunces

For years I have enjoyed reading the letters to the editor section of your paper online. Thank goodness for the Internet!

The electronic version of your paper allows me to get right to the good stuff without having to wade through all the crap that you wrap around that section every day in the newsprint version. Technology truly is a great time-saver.

I must tell you how much I have enjoyed the incredible saga created by Roger Marolt in your pages. One of the most hilarious parts is how you have played right into his hands.

One of his fictitious characters could not have written a better, irony-laced editorial on the subject than you did last week. Imagine, you have the temerity to banish an anonymous letter writer from ever submitting to your paper again. Priceless!

And your pompous ranting about integrity, blah, blah, blah. Stop it already, you’re killing me! For serious news I have plenty of serious sources, thank you very much.

Your austerity in dealing with this, um … canard leads me to believe that your organization is nothing if not completely self-absorbed. Dear Sir, let me be the first to break this bit of news to you: you are the captain of a confederacy of dunces.

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I look back fondly now as I recall the hilarious offerings from such memorable characters as Turner Hicks and Lee Anne Marlets/Anne Lee Stelram. I shall miss them but look forward to their reincarnations by Mr. Marolt in the near future.

You haven’t fooled yourself into thinking that you haven’t fooled yourself into thinking that you can stop him, have you?

John B. Sender, Sr.

Orinda, Calif.

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