Concerned about drilling |

Concerned about drilling

Dear Editor:

I just read the July 1 Aspen Times article (“Proposal would limit gas drilling,” July 1, 2010) regarding gas drilling limitations in the White River National Forest surrounding the Aspen area, and I wanted to share what I have just recently become very concerned and more educated about.

I am not an activist but I do volunteer at different animal and children services in the Aspen area. I highly encourage you to watch the documentary “GasLand” by Josh Fox currently being shown on HBO in our area. I was curious about it because it recently won the 2010 Special Jury Prize in the documentary category at the Sundance Film Festival. I personally would not recommend this film for children under 12 due to its disturbing nature regarding the chemicals and consequence of gas oil drilling.

We are all personally responsible for the health of our national parks, drinking water, our neighbors and ourselves. I now know a bit more about what the term “fracking” is and I suggest you learn too. Guess what? It has already affected our Silt, Rifle and Parachute neighbors, and it is coming our way. I encourage The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News to continue to report on this issue and provide readers with more information and facts.

For all of you who live here because of the pristine natural beauty, that may all change soon. You can send your comments to the BLM, the paper, your friends and local elected officials.

Joanne Coghlan


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