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Concerned about America

Dear Editor:

On the Fourth of July, as I looked at our American flag flying on our flag pole, I wondered at all the patriotism being shown and where it will be in the next few days. There will still be many dirty, ragged American flags flying up and down our valley on homes, cars, trucks, businesses, banks and government buildings.

Being a World War II vet who served in the Pacific, I think about my friends who are still buried over there and never will come home. I also think about the World War II service people, all 16,112,566 of them and the 440,000 who died and I won’t forget the 671,846 who were wounded.

It has been 65 years since World War II ended and America has changed in many ways and many not for the better. For many great years after the war, America thrived and grew and jobs were plentiful and we prospered like never before, but look at America now! Most of our companies and corporations are outsourcing all the jobs that made those prosperous years so great, yet those corporations want us to buy their products or services. Millions of people are out of work and can’t afford to buy what they sell because their jobs are overseas!

“Made in China” is on almost every thing people buy today, and much of it is inferior and dangerous. If people keep buying Chinese-made products it won’t be too long before China buys us!

The illegal immigration problem is getting out of hand, and I get angry when I see the demonstrations by illegals wanting equal rights that they have no right to; all they want is our bounty and nothing else! People paid the price in World War II, Korea, ‘nam, Iraq and Afghanistan so that legal Americans can enjoy the privileges we have, and are to be cherished in our memories. If you want those privileges, do what it takes to become legal; it is worth the effort!

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Chris Tessem


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