Compromise needed for Base Village |

Compromise needed for Base Village

On the eve of the start of the Planning Commission’s review of the Base Village Preliminary Application, we would like to thank you for all your hard work to get the Base Village application to this point. It is difficult to make all parties happy with a project of this size and the Planning Commission and Town Council should be applauded for their efforts.

For the last five years, we have enjoyed the mountains of Snowmass Village from our view of Assay Hill behind the Enclave. After reviewing the new 3D visual of Base Village we are concerned about the buildings proposed for the Assay Hill side of Wood Rd., Buildings 12 and 13.

The height appears to significantly impact our downvalley view while the mass particularly the depth of the building from the road would take away from our view across Assay Hill. Even though the Base Village buildings would be lower down the hill than the Enclave, the building scale as portrayed in the visual seems to be visually overpowering against the Enclave.

We recognize that Base Village is a commercial venture which needs to be financially successful. It would be most unfortunate if in order to be financially successful other property owners would have to suffer a loss of value due to impaired views.

We would appreciate your consideration of our comments when discussing mass, height and scale at this weeks meeting. Perhaps there is a middle ground which would allow the Skico and Interwest to profit from these buildings without as large an impact on the existing property.

Thanks for your time and thanks again for your efforts to make this project the best it can be for Snowmass Village.

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Editors note: This letter was originally addressed to two members of the Snowmass Village Planning Commission.