Completely anti-Semitic |

Completely anti-Semitic

Dear Editor:Sue Gray not anti-Semitic and bigoted? Is she kidding? “Jews march into other people’s territories, attack their cities, kill the inhabitants and settle there” … you can’t get much more anti-Semitic than that! And there’s more … “In Islamic teaching Christians, Jews and Muslims are all ‘people of the Books'” … except for those Muslims who behead their hostages, blow up innocent people in almost any conceivable location (including funerals), or fly airplanes into buildings.The woman is as anti-Semitic as a person could possibly be. And, her ignorance of the reality of Israel/Palestine is breathtaking. She knows nothing of the history of the region, but merely spouts Palestinian propaganda that would do Arafat proud.This apologist for Saddam Hussein has either been completely brainwashed by her Arab buddies or has allowed her hatred to blind her to the real facts of the situation, which are: Israel has acquired the “territories” in a series of defensive wars; there were almost as many Jewish refugees who left or were forced out of Arab countries as there were Arab refugees from Israel; her “peace-loving” Palestinian friends deny that Jewish holy sites even exist in Jerusalem, and during the 19-year Jordanian occupation of East Jerusalem refused to let Jews even visit their holy places, much less share them; and finally, that what most Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs want is the destruction of Israel, not coexistence.Sue Gray has defined herself with her own words and her agenda is completely anti-SemiticJerry EpsteinAspen and Philadelphia

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