Complete insanity |

Complete insanity

Dear Editor:

Aspen, wake up. People come to this town to ski not to go to an art museum. Do you really want a massive private art museum buying our most valuable civic, public property? The conceptual drawings and models show this to be a HUGE, massive transparent structure taking up the majority space on the Rio Grande civic plaza, with a tower 70 feet from Rio Grande Park. This belongs in New York City, not Aspen.

By tearing down the former Youth Center, and building a 30,000 square-foot art complex you just threw out what this City Council has signed on to: The Canary Initiative and energy and environmental conservation. What’s going on? Why demolish a perfectly good existing building which is designed to fit in scale with its surrounding buildings on the plaza? Why replace it and its adjoining lots with a HUGE private art museum, four times the size of the present art museum? This is complete insanity.

It is a waste to tear down the existing structure, a waste to replace it with natural materials, and a waste of energy to heat such a large glass structure and cool it in the summer. It adds unnecessary congestion to our streets with trucks going back and forth to the dump, waiting to get in and out of town by adding more C02 emissions. To put it bluntly, it is a huge energy drain!

This hardly follows what the city of Aspen has set for its environmental goals. Mayor Mick said that “you’re not green when you build a 15,000 square-foot building in the middle of the forest.” Well, Mayor Mick, you’re not green when you allow for demolition of a good building and its replacement to be a 30,000 square-foot edifice on public property.

Jack Boyle


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