Competing with wildlife, not enhancing |

Competing with wildlife, not enhancing

Dear Editor:Mr. John Hoffman, the adage “timing is everything” holds true for everyone. Your recent letter to the editor (March 27) concerning the upcoming Crystal River Caucus meeting on March 29, which has on its agenda ‘Anticipated 2007 bike trail construction,’ was timed beautifully. Unfortunately, the message does not ring true.First of all, Bambi will not thrive. Read that sentence again, focusing on the word thrive.Secondly, the Filoha Meadows is not a heavily populated area. It is wilderness, purchased with Open Space and Trails dollars. Reasonable thinking would suggest having this protected as open space, in the midst of the coming trail. That would be honorable and showing much thoughtful behavior.Filoha Meadows has rare orchids and fireflies that were discovered and are documented.I would suggest that you, Mr. Dale Will, and other Pitkin County representatives in favor of a bike trail in the middle of Filoha Meadows, drive or walk down County Road 100 – aka Catherine Store Road outside Carbondale – and count how many signs exist on that stretch of bike trail. Signage has been a contentious issue of its own for the Redstone area, but this category of signage is permissible? It doesn’t make sense.For those of you who have not thought about this seriously, think now. A bike trail system is not the question here, but being reasonable where it is built is. Humans do not always get to be in the middle of wildlife habitat. Humans do not enhance wildlife as Mr. Hoffman and others have suggested. This language does not make sense.I urge the citizens who live in the Crystal River Valley, and who are the stewards of this land to please take this proposal seriously. Once this trail is built, if it includes putting a permanent trail in the middle of the Filoha Meadows, it is there forever. Forever. Please show your support for a reasonable and balanced trail system that utilizes easements on the roadway, not in the middle of a wildlife meadow. Please.P.S.: Bambi will not thrive, neither will the sheep, fireflies, rare orchids, air, Crystal River …Nancy ChromyRedstone

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