Community, or commercialism? |

Community, or commercialism?

Dear Editor:

It’s that time of the year again ” spring fever and elections. It’s always been hard to tell them apart, because the symptoms are the same: nausea, vomiting, delusions of grandeur, inability to separate truth from fiction, etc. You know what I mean.

Here in Aspen it always seems to be the same. One group seems to believe that Aspen’s charm is based on the ability to remove a large part of its history and replace it with tributes to Americans’ devotion to commercialism, rampant greed, and the notion that what has made America great is a firm belief in the rights of the individual over the rule of law. The other group believes that Aspen’s charm is based on its ties to its historic heritage, and a small functioning community devoted to quality of life defined by rule of law and the rights of the community.

I guess both sides have real legitimate claims. However, I tend to drift toward the community side. Having mostly outgrown my greed years (not totally), and living for years in this semi-real community has given me a good life. I truly believe that Mick as mayor, and Jack as council person, have to be retained on council, if we are to even have a small chance to preserve this wonderful place. They both have driven me nuts with some of their decisions, but on the whole their fairly close adherence to the basic rules laid down for growth control, historic preservation and AACP has given us a chance to recover from several prior disastrous years.

There is going to be a need for more citizen input and participation in the coming years, but both the intellect and experience Mick and Jack have brought to the table are essential to our survival. I don’t know all the people running for council. Torre became very strong during his council term and would be a good choice, Behrendt and Wampler are both good candidates, and the debates should decide your choice. I am sure Jackie is a good person, but she hasn’t shown any real understanding of community, or the job itself. The museum ballot is awful in its concept and presentation. It must be voted down.

Leslie Holst


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