Community comes through for Gracie |

Community comes through for Gracie

Dear Editor:

On Saturday morning my sweet, 85-pound Rhodesian ridgeback, Gracie, was hit by a truck just outside our Aspen home on South Original Street. It happened so fast there was nothing I could do to protect her.

The driver of a white Toyota truck with a dog in the back fled the scene after running over her. Gracie was in a state of shock and took off running despite her injuries. We called the Aspen Police Department, and they were responsive and helpful as we combed downtown Aspen.

We posted flyers all over town, and everyone who knew what had happened helped us spread the word. We were fortunate to find Gracie just before nightfall when someone saw one of our flyers and called. They spotted her just 10 minutes earlier across from Cemetery Lane on the Marolt property, an area we had searched earlier in the day.

We found her near the entry of the Marolt property and believe she had been hiding somewhere safe in the brush, scared and disoriented. We took her immediately to Valley Emergency Pet Care in Basalt, which provides wonderful 24-hour care to the valley’s animal community. She sustained some external injuries and, thankfully, no internal injuries or broken bones; a miracle after all she had been through.

My family has lived in Aspen for more than 40 years, and our experience on Saturday is what makes Aspen such a special community. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern and who helped us find her. We are deeply grateful, and Gracie is very happy to be home safely.

Carolyne Hyde and the Hyde family


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