Community benefits from generous couple |

Community benefits from generous couple

Dear Editor:

My name is Adriana, and I am the mother of four children who attend Basalt public schools. This letter is to thank a wonderful couple, Jim and Connie Calaway. I work for them every once in a while.They are always helping our community. The last time I talked to Connie I mentioned to her that I was excited about summer school enrichment classes for my children. Later I learned that they had donated the money for summer school classes in Carbondale.

I never thought that they donated the money, but it does not surprise me. They are always helping nonprofit organizations, scholarship funds and other charities. I feel so proud to have friends like them.

One day I was helping Connie in the house when she asked me to help her move a picture. While I was helping her I noticed another picture that showed them breaking ground on a new building. The building in the picture is the new Calaway and Young Cancer center at Valley View Hospital. I told her thanks for helping to bring a cancer center to our valley. She said, “I hope you will never use it, but for those who are sick with cancer it will be great.” I said thanks again, as you can see they are always helping our community.

This summer my kids are taking summer schools classes. My two youngest are in Basalt, and my middle-schooler is in Carbondale. Every day my children wake up and are excited to go learn at school. On Fridays there are fun activities that they really enjoy. My daughter is both learning and having fun in school this summer.

In years past summer school was not available to my children but thanks to the Calaways and other donors this year, it is a reality. For these reasons I thank you in the name of my family, the Latino community, and everyone in the valley. Thank you for your generosity and God bless you.

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A thousand thanks, mil gracias …

Adriana C. Torres


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