Common sense for the Common Sense Alliance |

Common sense for the Common Sense Alliance

Dear Editor:A quick question for those who support four lanes into Aspen (straight shot) through the Marolt open space. Where do you think all of those cars that now idle out by the Aspen golf course are going to idle? The answer is: on Main Street from the Hickory House into downtown.Presently, cars are “funneled” into two lanes and meander into Aspen at about 25 mph to 30 mph from the rotary into downtown. A car moving at 30 mph is reasonably efficient at burning fuel. By comparison, a car at idle is very inefficient. Carbon builds up and when the accelerator is pushed, all that buildup comes out in one shot. (What was that about greenhouse gasses?) Even after the new four-lane bridge is completed, with the present S-curves configuration, cars will be funneled before the rotary which means the idling will take place nearer the more open spaces of the golf course. To me this seems environmentally far preferable to running all these cars into downtown Aspen to then idle on Main Street.If the previous comments do not persuade, any morning between 7 and 8:30 a.m., take a ride into town from Brush Creek Road (I drive it most mornings), and ask yourself the same question I did, “Where are all of these vehicles, particularly trucks, going to idle every morning if the “straight shot” approach is passed?” The answer is obvious.As for freeing up gridlock: Just what we need, people driving even faster to get into and out of downtown, which is what will occur and for what reason, to save five minutes. If you want gridlock, try the 405 in L.A., 101 in San Francisco, 635 in Dallas and I-95 anywhere on the East Coast. We don’t have gridlock. Rather we have a small friendly town that because of its configuration forces relaxed, slow driving which is far preferable to idling and accelerating, idling and accelerating on Main Street.Howard D. NitschkeBrush Creek

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