Commissioners have chance to shine |

Commissioners have chance to shine

Dear Editor:Pitkin County commissioners have at hand a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to “do the right thing” regarding Grant’s Cabin – namely, to leave it as is, allowing the Timroths to lease it back (or some such arrangement) and continue a 17-year tradition of sharing the beauty of the backcountry with family, friends and total strangers for free. The idea that it be turned into a “multimillion-dollar guest cabin,” listed as one suggestion by the commissioners, would, of course, limit the use of the property to only those who can afford it. Doesn’t Aspen have enough of such undertakings? This is an opportunity for the commissioners to save a part of Aspen’s soul (see Craig Van Orden’s letter, Aspen Times, Aug. 9). So much of her soul has already been lost to the all-powerful dollar.Let Grant and Kristin continue their stewardship of this property, granting true hospitality and the spirit of Aspen warmth to all who pass. Commissioners, this is your moment to shine!Teddy BurlingameCarbondale

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