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Commerce control

Over a period of the last 21 years we have observed Aspenites and continually wondered, “What in the world makes you think the way you do?”

Is it your idea to maintain Aspen’s lovely small town “quaintness” while the city and its commerce slowly deteriorate? Well, you are succeeding!

You and your government have continually done everything possible to break the back of commerce. Now you wonder what’s wrong with your economy?

It’s too bad that the state highway couldn’t just bypass the town. To their detriment, the citizenry has shut down nearly every new project. The fact that it would take 10 years to produce a project as valuable as Highlands is a classic example.

Principally, no project has been done inside the city for years. This is nothing more than commerce control. Now you wonder why rents are out of control and we’re continuing to lose core businesses. Please remove your head.

We have read some of the most ridiculous arguments from citizens and elected officials concerning the new highway into Aspen. The idea of not having a modern highway straight into town is Neanderthal. It needs to be a four-lane.

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Anyone who has returned from Snowmass after a day on the slopes has seen traffic backed up past the airport. We guess that’s what you want for our guests. Perhaps they will move on to less congestion next year.

It’s hard to believe anyone would comment that downvalley residents should have no rights. Excuse me, whose tax dollars pay for the state highways?

Besides, without downvalley residents Aspen would be “without” period. Who do you think provides nearly every service you have? Bus transit cannot accommodate all of our service equipment.

The train would be a good idea but that would be too advanced for Aspen thinking. Thousands of wasted hours and dollars are spent in stop-and-go traffic to and from Aspen.

WAKE UP all of you who have nothing better to do than make life difficult for others. Please be part of the solution.

There are many locals, including us, that have Aspen business locations, own Aspen properties and also own business locations downvalley. We have employees both in Aspen and downvalley. Because we don’t vote within the city, does that mean we should not have a voice? Maybe it means we should stop paying city taxes.

It is evident that the voices we hear on a regular basis come from the special interest individuals who are not contributing to the health and well being of the community at large. What will you have gained when commerce no longer comes to you.

Gailen B. and Wendi Smith


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