Commentary is in the bag |

Commentary is in the bag

Dear Editor:

When I opened the paper today, I was absolutely delighted to see the “Our View” section, titled “Plastic is not so fantastic”!

Thank you for taking the time as a company and staff to address this issue. Knowing how busy all of you are, it was inspiring to read your comments and support for reducing plastic bag consumption.

Also, thank you for addressing a number of points in your article, including environmental effects, pollution, oil and the Aspen-Telluride Challenge. Addressing the oil/energy factor of producing, distributing and disposing of bags is incredibly important for all of us to understand the nature of our consumption. And thank you for pointing out that major corporations (Whole Foods), cities and countries have already taken major steps to reduce plastic bag use. (If China can ban free plastic bags, can’t Aspen!?)

As a highly read and locally respected news source, your public support for reducing plastic bags is infinitely appreciated!!

Nathan Ratledge

climate coordinator, CORE