Comedy is king in Aspen |

Comedy is king in Aspen

Dear Editor:

A number of years ago, the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival died, and went to comedy heaven. The reasons were numerous, including someone beating up his girlfriend, not Charlie Sheen (more about him later). And it was not because Aspen did not what to support comedy anymore.

No, comedy is very much alive in Aspen, on a daily basis.

Have you ever attended any of the Aspen Community Plan (AACP) meetings that have taken place over the last two years? Which makes me ask the question – isn’t that why we have a fire pit?

And, where else but the “Most Expensive Town In America,” according to the Wall Street Journal, would you put a guy in jail for giving out free rides – I mean, there was no other solution?

And let’s not forget Aspen was the place that kicked off the “Charlie Sheen Experience,” this year’s best reality show. Imagine if Charlie had served his reduced sentence and dried out a bit – I wonder where he’d be now? (FYI: The “deal” never got done because Charlie would not give up the evils of tobacco for his stay; thus the deal went south, and Charlie went west, back to L.A.)

Not to digress anymore – back to the upcoming comedy festival.

To replace HBO festival, the Wheeler co-produced the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival for three years. Rooftop was a good event, but at the wrong time of the year, taking place in our off-season.

Just like good comedy, timing is everything.

This year, with Rooftop in the rearview mirror, the Wheeler has launched the Aspen LAFF Festival, a four-day event beginning this Wednesday, during the ski season.

The shows feature such people as the fabulous Christopher Titus, Caroline Rhea, Tom Simmons, and a host of other funny people getting ready to make their mark in comedy.

Plus, there are two special shows focusing on what drives our society, “The Stupid Truth: Comics On Drinking” and “The Stupid Truth: Comics on Religion.” For my money you can’t do much better than drinking and religion when it comes to comedy.

So, why not, “Ski All Day – Laugh All Night,” and make the Aspen LAFF Festival an event for many years to come.

Andrew Kole



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